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Quilt Builder is a tool offered by FlannelWorld.com and CravingCotton.com to help customers pick sets or combinations of materials they might use in their projects.

In browsing our sites, visitors will notice the icon in various product displays. By clicking on this icon, the visitor will add the material to their personal quilt block, which is a temporary storage space for collecting materials that might be used in a project.

The quilt block may be visited from most any page by clicking the 'Quilt Builder' link along the left side of the screen in the main menu. As a visitor adds materials to their quilt block, miniature versions of the Quilt Builder icon will accumulate to the right of the 'Quilt Builder' link to indicate the presence and number of materials in the quilt block.

Quilt Builder

The Quilt Builder has several buttons across the top of the screen used to control Quilt Builder. The contents of the current quilt block are also displayed on the screen.

The images of the materials are surrounded by textual details about each material. The images themselves may be dragged around the screen and stacked one on top of another in order to get a better perspective of their color and pattern compatibility. This is accomplished by clicking and holding the left mouse button while dragging the image around the screen. The image positions are stored each time the visitor leaves the Quilt Builder, so that arrangements remain upon reloading the page, but they MUST BE STORED PERMANENTLY if a visitor wants to be able to return at a later date to use their quilt block(s).

Permanent Storage

FlannelWorld.com and CravingCotton.com users may permanently store their quilt block(s) free of charge on our servers. This is quick and easy to do. Simply click the 'Login' Icon at the top of the Quilt Builder screen and enter your email address when prompted. Don't worry, we won't share you email address with anyone and simply use it to seperate your quilt blocks from other users.

After your email address is processed, the 'Login' icon disappers and the 'Name' and 'Open' Icons appear.

By clicking the 'Name' icon, the quilt block that is currently active can be named and saved for later use. After clicking 'Name', a dialog box appears requesting a name for the current quilt block. After a name is entered and the 'continue' button clicked, a message appears indicating the qult block has been successfully saved.

By clicking the 'Open' Icon, previously saved quilt blocks may be loaded into Quilt Builder and manipulated. Please

keep in mind that changes made to a quilt block that has been loaded become immediately permanent to the loaded quilt block and to the stored quilt block.

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